Digital Strategy, The IoT, And The Birth Of The Truly Integrated Marketing Plan

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How do smart, connected devices fit into your marketing plan and digital strategy for the coming year? (more…)

Movers & Shakers: Jason Voiovich

Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich was featured in the Star Tribune Movers & Shakers column for his promotion to Chief Customer Officer. (more…)

5 Strategies for Protecting Patient Data

In today’s digital world, medical device companies face a multitude of threats when it comes to securing and managing protected health information (PHI).  (more…)

Five Test Pilot Rules that I Carry with Me as a CEO

Test Pilot to CEO
View image |   It is several decades since I flew my last mission as a test pilot in the USAF. Back then I was entrusted with multi-million dollar pieces of government property, flying planes at supersonic speeds. (more…)

University of Minnesota Solar Project Unveiled

  The University of Minnesota recently unveiled their solar car project! Led by Logic PD intern and first female project lead in over a decade, Stephanie Wilson, the team ​​is planning to race the solar-hybrid car, named Eos, in Australia this October. (more…)

Perspectives on Supply Chain Consolidation

Logic PD’s Mona Phaff joins other thought leaders in the July/August issue of Medical Design Technology magazine to discuss the consolidation of services within the supply chain and how that affects medical device manufacturers and innovators. (more…)

Latest Impact of IoT – Cars as Smartphone Accessories

View image |   Honda just demonstrated the impact IoT is having on traditional industry. This week Honda unveiled the 2016 Accord – in Silicon Valley. (more…)

Med-tech is on its way home: What that means for lawyers and creatives, Part 2

In part 2 of this two-part series in DuetsBlog, Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich discusses the legal impact of medical devices finding their way to home use and the branding implications of this trend.  (more…)

Med-tech is on its way home: What that means for lawyers and creatives, Part 1

In part 1 of the two-part series on DuetsBlog, Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich discusses the shift in the med-tech market towards devices designed to be used in the home.   (more…)

Brainstorm: Sensors

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands to the Internet of Everything (IoE), more MEMS and sensors will be designed in to products, devices, and even buildings. What advancements are needed to scale future MEMS and sensor ecosystems? (more…)

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