It’s not about accuracy, it’s about behavior.

View image |   Study: Smartphone apps count steps more accurately than wearables I read this article the other day and thought to myself: “Really? The accuracy of the number of steps matters? Are these people getting paid by the step?” (more…)

Wearables Get Mixed Diagnosis

  A recent article I read in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that the pursuit of the healthier-self falls short of the health-related behaviors necessary to improve one’s health. (more…)

Reflections on Frost & Sullivan 2015 Medical Technologies Executive MindXchange

Frost and Sullivan
Logic PD’s Bill Betten wrote an article reflecting on his experience at Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Medical Technologies Executive MindXchange in San Diego in March for MDT Magazine. The theme of this year’s event was “Embracing a New Healthcare Future” and brought together individuals from a variety of companies in b [...]

Monetizing IoT Means Subscriptions, Selling Data

Monetizing IoT
View image |   Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich recently participated in a panel at Arrow IoT Immersions in Boston titled “Monetizing the Internet of Things.” The panel’s discussions and Voiovich’s insights into IoT were featured in a follow up article by CRN. (more…)

Digital technology has healthcare on its way home.

Healthcare headed home
View image |   My mother had surgery last month. It was the second surgery with which I have helped her in the last five years and I was impressed at how much things have changed in that short period of time. (more…)

Forget Millennials: The real test market for Big Data monetization is Gen Z

Big Data Monetization Gen Z
View image |   Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich wrote a guest blog post on DuetsBlog, titled “Forget Millennials: The real test market for Big Data monetization is Gen Z.” (more…)

Re-energizing with the Acara Challenge entrepreneurs

Acara Challenge
View image |   I recharged my innovation and enthusiasm batteries last month judging the 2015 Acara Challenge. The challenge has grown to the point where it has two divisions now: International and Domestic. (more…)

Going the wrong way: Internet of Things Misunderstood as “Things on the Internet”

Internet of things misunderstood
View image |   Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, set off a melee of posts and comments recently when he stated “the internet is disappearing” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Pundits thrashed about arguing (more…)

Ubuntu Phone: What user problem does it solve?

So I read as many reviews (TechRepublic, Mashable, Wired, OpenSource) and associated comments of the new Ubuntu phone launch that I could find. My interest was “Why?” (more…)

Smartwatches – Savior or Goat for Wearables Believers?

View image |   The Inc – Fast Company editorial crew continues to be a thought leader in wearables discussions. We have referenced key insights like “the key to wearables is software” and (more…)

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