Digital Health Investor Report Says Data First then Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics
View image |   A report was published recently in MobiHealthNews about an investor panel at the HIMSS 2015 conference. Venture capital (VC) investments can be a surrogate for market or technology trends in some cases so I am always interested in how VCs are investing. (more…)

IoT Investment: The Time Has Come to Resolve the Paradox

View image |   In my recent visits to Silicon Valley and Southern California, arguably the heart of the investment world driving IoT, I have been told by experienced CEO’s and investors alike and repeatedly that the venture money is looking to invest in software. (more…)

The Importance of Supporting Women In Engineering

    “Supporting women in engineering has always been important to me and to Logic PD,” said Mona Phaff, vice president of engineering at Logic PD. (more…)

Five Minutes With…Dr. Scott Nelson

  When you ask ten people to give you the definition of IoT, you will probably get ten different answers. (more…)

How the Internet of Things adds value to companies

Why should companies consider turning one time purchases into ongoing experiences? (more…)

It’s not about accuracy, it’s about behavior.

View image |   Study: Smartphone apps count steps more accurately than wearables I read this article the other day and thought to myself: “Really? The accuracy of the number of steps matters? Are these people getting paid by the step?” (more…)

Wearables Get Mixed Diagnosis

  A recent article I read in the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that the pursuit of the healthier-self falls short of the health-related behaviors necessary to improve one’s health. (more…)

Reflections on Frost & Sullivan 2015 Medical Technologies Executive MindXchange

Frost and Sullivan
Logic PD’s Bill Betten wrote an article reflecting on his experience at Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Medical Technologies Executive MindXchange in San Diego in March for MDT Magazine. The theme of this year’s event was “Embracing a New Healthcare Future” and brought together individuals from a variety of companies in b [...]

Monetizing IoT Means Subscriptions, Selling Data

Monetizing IoT
View image |   Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich recently participated in a panel at Arrow IoT Immersions in Boston titled “Monetizing the Internet of Things.” The panel’s discussions and Voiovich’s insights into IoT were featured in a follow up article by CRN. (more…)

Digital technology has healthcare on its way home.

Healthcare headed home
View image |   My mother had surgery last month. It was the second surgery with which I have helped her in the last five years and I was impressed at how much things have changed in that short period of time. (more…)

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