Making Big Data Work: The Promise and Potential to Transform Healthcare

medical device
We hear a lot about big data and its promise to revolutionize industries including healthcare. (more…)

It Takes a Village to Launch a Product

  In his recent book, The Innovators, noted biographer Walter Isaacson charts the history of the invention of the computer and the modern internet all the way from Babbage and Lovelace to Jobs and Gates. (more…)

Is closing the loop a cure for “Big data schizophrenia?”

big data
  CIO magazine reporter Raman Mehta recently published an insightful article on IoT big data. Mr. Mehta points out that the real value of IoT data often comes only in the form of predictive analytics that allow course corrections or actions to avoid previously inevitable downsides in operations. (more…)

Movers & Shakers: Mona Phaff, Logic PD

Mona Phaff was featured in the Star Tribune Movers & Shakers column as Logic PD’s new vice president of design and engineering. (more…)

Are we still missing the point of wearables?

#499135249 /   Fortune blogger Molly Wood is excited about getting a new Microsoft Band. She is excited about how the Microsoft Band integrates with smart phones and its display. (more…)

Brand Alone is Not Enough in Tech

#475013027 /   The awesomeness of the human vision system has caught up with Google Glass. Fortune recently reported that early adopters are losing confidence in the value of Glass as a consumer product. (more…)

Why Cost Doesn’t Matter for IoT

value to the user
We have a saying we use during our Adrenaline Workshops with customers developing prospective IoT offerings: “Cost doesn’t matter.” Sprint helps to reinforce our argument. (more…)

IoT and the New Bucket List Approach to Daily Life

IoT Ownership
  I had an interesting conversation recently with my friend and colleague, Parthesh Shasti of SeeControl, in all things IoT. We were discussing our recent experiences with customers, competitors, and various market events. (more…)

Gigabytes vs. Nanoamps: What does high speed Wi-Fi mean for IoT?

#130409187 /   Samsung just announced a new high speed Wi-Fi technology that increases the bandwidth by five times. (more…)

How Health Insurers will Pivot to Consumer Driven Healthcare

Consumer driven healthcare
#76538485 /   According to a recent article in MedCityNews health insurers are going to have to pivot from group plans and B2B engagement to individual plans and B2C engagement. (more…)

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