Digital technology has healthcare on its way home.

Healthcare headed home
View image |   My mother had surgery last month. It was the second surgery with which I have helped her in the last five years and I was impressed at how much things have changed in that short period of time. (more…)

Forget Millennials: The real test market for Big Data monetization is Gen Z

Big Data Monetization Gen Z
View image |   Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich wrote a guest blog post on DuetsBlog, titled “Forget Millennials: The real test market for Big Data monetization is Gen Z.” (more…)

Re-energizing with the Acara Challenge entrepreneurs

Acara Challenge
View image |   I recharged my innovation and enthusiasm batteries last month judging the 2015 Acara Challenge. The challenge has grown to the point where it has two divisions now: International and Domestic. (more…)

Going the wrong way: Internet of Things Misunderstood as “Things on the Internet”

Internet of things misunderstood
View image |   Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, set off a melee of posts and comments recently when he stated “the internet is disappearing” at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Pundits thrashed about arguing (more…)

Ubuntu Phone: What user problem does it solve?

So I read as many reviews (TechRepublic, Mashable, Wired, OpenSource) and associated comments of the new Ubuntu phone launch that I could find. My interest was “Why?” (more…)

Smartwatches – Savior or Goat for Wearables Believers?

View image |   The Inc – Fast Company editorial crew continues to be a thought leader in wearables discussions. We have referenced key insights like “the key to wearables is software” and (more…)

Five years out – What doesn’t matter in the Internet of Things any more?

Most technology forecasters take the point of view of the venture capitalists and try to identify the next big thing in an emerging market like the IoT. (more…)

Closing the loop in IoT.

Closing the loop
  At Logic PD we talk about “closing the loop” in almost every IoT discussion. I first heard the phrase “close the loop” (more…)

Six Considerations for Designing a Wearable Device

  In an increasingly connected world where almost every appliance imaginable is being connected, no market seems to be hotter than that of the wearables market – from simple accelerometers to medical-grade vital sign devices. (more…)

A practical approach to IoT security

A practical approach to IoT security
View image |   Securing systems on the Internet is not easy and the enemies continue to evolve. IoT security is important, and in many applications critical. (more…)

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