Happy 54th Birthday Logic PD

  This week we celebrate 54 years as a business committed to helping our customers create, develop and launch innovative products for growth.  (more…)

Stagnant Pay and Skilled Worker Shortage

IoT Technology
“It’s the digital economy, stupid.” Economists and executives alike are living in the past. Associated Press headlined “Job market’s lingering weak spot: Stagnant pay” in a recent Sunday paper. The gist of the article was that today’s economy isn’t behaving like it should; like economies of the past. (more…)

Apple Pay: How Standards are Really Made – Trust

    Apple Pay finally brought Apple into the world of NFC and mobile payments this week. Insert a pause for a yawn here if you are a techie or Android phone user. (more…)

Another View of IoT Standards Development

IoT Standards
  Most articles and blog posts on IoT standards come from technology writers with a focus on the details of the standards as they apply to the wide array of applications. If the author is supporting a given standard or comes from a standards body the result is a technology push. (more…)

What was your engineering inspiration?

medical device
Logic PD’s Bill Betten wrote an article for Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry  after hearing Dean Kamen speak at a recent MD&M event. (more…)

At Logic PD, the ‘Internet of Things’ means more than remote controls

Internet of Things
Logic PD was featured in an article in the Star Tribune discussing the Internet of Things. (more…)

More IoT Investments Ahead

IoT Investments
This week, Logic PD was featured in TECHdotMN after the  recent announcement that we have invested in WellClub™, a web- and mobile-based behavioral coaching company.   (more…)

We’ve Reached the Peak, but which IoT Player will Profit?

  Clemens Vasters had a great post last week “celebrating” IoT hitting the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle. (more…)

Medical Technology Round Table with Congressman Paulsen

Digital Health
    Last week, Logic PD hosted an executive Medical Technology (MedTech) round table with Congressman Erik Paulsen (MN-03) as well as local  leaders from companies including Life Science Alley, Healthcare.mn, Celleration, Innova Medical Design and Hunhu. (more…)

Recalled Harleys: What if I could make my own fix?

3D Printing
Logic PD’s Jason Voiovich wrote a guest blog post on DuetsBlog, titled “Recalled Harleys: What if I could make my own fix?” (more…)

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